My first blog entry

My first blog entry. So intimidating, yet simultaneously so inconsequential, because who knows if anyone will ever read this? For all I know, I will be publishing posts that no other person will ever come across. So, why is this even remotely intimidating?

I guess I find it a little daunting because I am not entirely sure why I decided to start a blog. Yes, I love to write. Yes, I have things to say. But this has been true my entire life, and I was always adamant that I wasn’t interested in blogging, despite encouragement from others to do so. So, why did I decide to start?

In all honesty, I was seeing things on blogs that really irritated me. Blogging can enable people to not only become extremely narcissistic and drunk on their own (false) importance, but, it also allows people to promote hateful and judgmental views without thinking that there will be any consequences. I will be pointing out (maybe by name, maybe not) several blogs I have come across that do just that. I started to feel that, well, if these people can sit there and write these deluded, shameful things that some poor struggling person might read, and suffer from, then shouldn’t there be a site out there that contradicts the hate? (I’m not thinking that perhaps there aren’t already many; just that there should be at least one more – my own).

So, bloggers beware…if you post about why you’re so fabulous or why your views are better than others’ and that you think people are going to hell for the decisions they’ve made…you will be targeted on this blog. You will be called out. Your self-importance and your cruelty will be addressed.

Of course, I won’t always be so serious. No, from time to time I will post about makeup, and shopping, and my beloved husband, Charleston, life, etc. It won’t all be about why some people are full of themselves…but some of it will.

And to my readers, if I ever have any – thanks for stopping by this little corner of the internet and taking time out of your day to read my (often ) random musings – you’re awesome!